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Born in 2017/2018 in Mantua (Northern Italy), after the end of their first musical project (electioneering), the founding members of a/lpaca Christian Bindelli and Andrea Verrastro start playing with keyboard player Andrea Fantuzzi and drummer Alessio Lain; after briefly maintaining the sound of their previous band (alt-.indie), they are influenced by several local groups (Plastic Light Factory, of which Christian Bindelli becomes bassist, submeet, Bee Bee Sea etc.) and by the psychedelic, garage, post punk sound of national and international bands. After making their first live gigs in the spring of 2018, they are noticed by Venetian musician Marco Degli Esposti (Cranchi, La notte delle streghe), who gives them the chance of recording some tracks in his country house in Felonica (MN). From that music session they produce their first EP “in the electric fields”, which contains sounds ranging from psych pop garage to post punk / noise. Thanks to the EP they manage to play continuously and to make themselves known in Mantua and surroundings musical scene. In March 2019 they release a self-product single called "Static Youth", which maintains the psych-garage sound with slight post-punk tendencies.

Meanwhile, artistic differences force the group to separate from drummer Alessio Lain, who is replaced by Andrea Sordi, founding member along with Bindelli and Verrastro of their first band electioneering (2013-2017). The musical connection with the new drummer gets better and better, the live activities grows and intensifies (including various events organized by members of Bee Bee Sea, Yonic South, and the independent radio Bang Bang Radio) and the group returns at Marco Degli Esposti's country house in order to record a two tracks EP, "NERVE / ACTING CLEVER", which will be released in December 2019. At the end of November 2019, the band starts working on the debut album with Davide Chiari. In addition to the first four tracks recorded in November, there are five more songs completed between June and July 2020 (all recorded at La Buca Recording Club in Montichiari, BS). All the mixes are made by Marco Degli Esposti.

The album is called "Make It Better". The sound is a psychedelic motorik punk kind of; sound that inspired the theme of the album, which focuses on the power of rhythm and beat, from the point of view of guys fascinated by the primitive influence of rhythm and its importance in the contemporary world. All this combined with youth troubles and concerns about adult life.



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