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Combining influences over a multitude of genres such as pop, psychedelia, and punk rock with intricate songwriting and layered harmonies, Acid Carousel create a whole wild and raucous world of their own. They are often compared to their influences, such as the attitude of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the sound design of The Beatles, the vocal stylings of Ty Segall, the musical discipline of Frank Zappa, and the conceptual narrative prowess of The Who.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, the Carousel came to be when lead singers John Kuzmick and Gus Baldwin joined forces, in the summer of 2016, with a shared appreciation for the music and spirit of the psychedelic 60s. Along the way, though multiple revolving lineup changes, they have been joined by other members, Lucas Martins, Nick Leon, David Rawlinson and Joshua Miller.

Through these past few years the Carousel has put out three full length albums, as well as three EPs, music videos, and are gearing up for multiple new releases in the near future with the help of Dreamy Life Records, their Texas based record label. They are always ahead, and have both ripe content and tour dates ready for 2020 release, so get ready to GET WITH IT.



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