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Atalhos crosses borders. The Brazilian band expands its music and builds collaborations with artists from different parts of Latin America. The duo has just released their new single, “Te Encontrei em São Paulo” in collaboration with Argentine artist Delfina Campos, now available to listen to on all digital platforms. “Te Encontrei em São Paulo” has a special atmosphere. The sum of delicate production, the solar groove, and the lyrics that alternate between Portuguese and Spanish result in an atmosphere of urban melancholy. As in most Latin American metropolises, the song has something of traditional modernity, a vintage spirit adapted to the new times. In addition, as in any big city, the center is in the interpersonal ties that meet and mismatch. “The song talks about a casual encounter that takes place between two ex-boyfriends. The atmosphere is somewhat reminiscent of the song "Dos en la Ciudad", by Fito Paez, in which the old lovers meet and take advantage of that moment so that each one can continue with their life ", explains Gabriel Soares, one of the two halves of Atalhos. Originally "Te Encontrei em São Paulo" was recorded entirely in Portuguese by Atalhos, with its mastering ready. However, when the band learned about Delfina Campos' music, they decided to reconfigure it. “I remember that when I heard 'Casi Extraños' by Delfina, I fell in love with her music at that very moment and I didn't think twice. If she accepted, I would be willing to open the mastering of our song and go back into the mix to include her vocals”, explains Soares. The reconfiguration of the theme was not a simple task, but required meticulous work. “We spent months working on the structure of the voices, especially on the question of translating the lyrics into Spanish, so that the context was maintained, as well as phonetics and rhyme. In the end, it turned out to be much more than a collaboration ”, says the Brazilian musician. "Te Encontrei em São Paulo" will be part of Atalhos' next album entitled A Tentação do Fracasso and will be released in 2021. All the work will be marked by a spirit of Latin American brotherhood. It was recorded in three different cities, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile, and Buenos Aires, and produced by the band together with Ives Sepulveda from the Chilean band The Holydrug Couple. The mastering was done in Sterling Sound (USA) by Greg Calbi, who worked with Tame Impala, The War on Drugs, Bon Iver, among others. “Te Encontrei em São Paulo” is the third advanced single from the album, after having released “A Tentação do Fracasso” and “Mesmo Coração”. This last song was remixed by the famous producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) and The Holydrug Couple.



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