Seattle, USA

Conor Kiley began Bad Blood years ago as a vehicle for musical ideas. The project involved a rotating cast of Seattle musicians (including members of the Pharmacy and Night Beats).

Bad Blood was a loose and chaotic recording and performance outlet. Bad Blood tightened up a year ago and solidified into a conventional band. Old friends and Seattle music scene veterans Jeremy Young and Dylan Ade insisted that Bad Blood was now a proper band, and they were in it. Shades of the initial marriage of romantic singer-songwriters (Tim Hardin, Nikki Sudden) with avant-rock’n’roll (Royal Trux, Rowland S. Howard) remain as the back bone of Bad Blood. Now, with the addition of a permanent rhythm section, Bad Blood has become possessed by the primal all-American Sex Beat of Rock n’ Roll.

Taking musical inspiration from delta blues (Son House, Skip James), Pre-British invasion Rock n’ Roll (Link Wray, Gene Vincent, Hasil Adkins), and the bruised sleaze of British bands (the Faces, Jacobites, Dogs D’Amour), Bad Blood sings about the filthy underbelly of America, where they live and work. All three members are bartenders. In the last few months Bad Blood has recorded two EPs and are preparing for a month-long residency at the infamous Cha Cha Lounge in their home-town.

Line Up:
Conor Kiley: Vox, Guitar
Dylan Ade: Bass, Harmonica
Jeremy Young: Drums



Territories: Europe and UK
Booking contact:

Bandcamp // Facebook



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