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Band founder and lead singer Leonard Kaage is known as the guitar player of The Underground Youth but also for his work with acts like Anton Newcombe, Holy Motors, The Blue Angel Lounge and many more. The Swedish multi-instrumentalist first took the opportunity to pick up a blank canvas and paint with his own instrumentation, production and arrangement in 2019.The debut EP “Servant” was recorded and played solely by Kaage in his basement studio in Friedrichshain, whenever he found time in between recording and touring with other bands around Europe, Asia and the US. After a few months of creating, the characteristic sound of Errorr took shape. Loud guitars and fuzz-drenched bass supported by straight-forward drum beats. Leonard's voice cuts through the mighty wall of beautiful noise with messages about social injustice. Today the band has developed into a four-piece with members from Medicine Boy, Perilymph and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The band is inspired by many of the great rock bands of the early 90s. Avant-Garde bands like Sonic Youth, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain. Errorr has, from that, created their own raw and honest interpretation of shoegaze with a punk rock attitude. They are currently working on a full-length debut album which is planned to be released internationally in the summer of 2022. Until then you can see the band playing shows all over Europe and the UK.



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