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Formed in Bologna in 2013, Human Colonies (Giuseppe, Sara and Pietro) are a shoegaze / noisepop band, currently based in the Valtellina mountains and the Como Lake. [North of Italy]. Since the very beginning they played with shoegazey sounds and post-punkesque lyrics, resulting in a s/t short demo [2013]. After performing several live gigs throughout Italy, they recorded a bunch of new songs at VDSS Recording Studio run by Filippo Strang. That’s how Big Domino Vortex came to life. It’s a journey back to 90s indie lo-fi dirty sounds filled with drowned lyrics. Their first full-lenght album Midnight Screamer (2018) shows off since the very beginning how to perfectly balance some shiny catchy melodies with a rather coarse, tough background. Its cover art was drawn by Travis Millard. Real 90s fans will be captured by the overall atmosphere reminding of Dinosaur Jr., Rodan and more. The same year the band toured in various clubs and festivals around Italy sharing the stage with important artists like Alexander Tucker and Cloud Nothings. In November 2019 Human Colonies published the new EP "Cloudchaser and Old Songs" for MiaCameretta / Lady Sometimes. A new song, Cloudchaser, and three "old songs" taken from the first two demos of the band, entirely reinterpreted and rearranged.



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