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Weeed is an American biocosmic rock n roll band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 2009. The band consists of Gabriel Seaver (guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards), Mitchy Fosnaugh (guitar, vocals, flute), John Goodhue (drums), Evan Franz (drums), and Ian Hartley (percussion). They are known for their cathartic, rhythm heavy live shows and for blending progressive compositions with improvisation and trance. Do You Fall? will be their seventh full length release. Fertilized in a rich soil of loss and grief, the sonic blooms of Weeed’s Do You Fall? betoken the transformative potential of impermanence and the medicinal power of trance. Setting aside bass for the first time ever, the band relies on twin electric guitars and a milieu of percussive and acoustic instruments to weave a rich tapestry of songwriting that is arguably tighter and more refined than anything in their catalogue. As is the case with most of their discography, genre is less a bridle than a launching pad— for the attuned listener, hints of lysergic folk pass naturally into and out from hypnotic and energetic jams inspired by North and West African songs and rhythms, all undergirded by the band’s dog’s age dedication to complex time signatures, vocal harmonies, and raw heaviness. Ultimately, though, what sets Weeed’s 7th studio album apart from earlier works is not so much the instrumentation, but rather the cohesion of vision that the songs embody. It is a cinematic and melodic album, a passage through an aural field that asks us, at times gently, in others wildly, to better understand ourselves by letting go. Do You Fall? was recorded by Dylan White at Red Lantern Studios and mastered by Mikey Young.



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